Surpassing Boundaries

Don’t fight alone…

Surpassing Boundaries is a year-long undertaking of SHEPRO. The campaign is primarily meant to inspire compassion for cancer victims. The value proposition of the campaign is that even small acts of compassion for cancer victims and their families could make a valuable difference in their lives and standard of living. The campaign shall also: organize community events for cancer victims, raise funds for their treatment, and raise funds for research on cancer. 


When someone develops cancer, its impacts extend beyond the physical effects of the disease to include psychological, social, economic, sexual and spiritual consequences. Coping with the disease and its treatment involves a range of issues, which impact on those with cancer as well as their families.

In this respect, compassion is more significant in helping better the quality of life of the patients than we think it to be. There is growing evidence that supportive care and rehabilitation can buffer cancer patients and their caregivers from psychiatric, psychological and social morbidity. Hence a support group, along with treatment, can add extra mileage to a person’s life and to his family in their battle against cancer.


The mission of the Surpassing Boundaries campaign is to support cancer victims and their families for a better quality of life by kindness, generosity and empathy.

The goals are:

  1. Form a support group for the ailing cancer patients and their families.
  2. Organize community events for cancer victims.
  3. Raise funds for treatment and research on cancer

The Campaign duration:

March18, 2014-March 18, 2015.

For more information:

Post or send a message to our Facebook page with your questions. Or send an email to


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