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The “Shelter in Warmth” project is a non-profit initiative to distribute warm clothes, blankets, and household insulation to poor families. It was founded in January 2011 by some students in Dhaka with the purpose of running a winter clothes distribution drive in northern Bangladesh to alleviate the suffering of the residents who are annually hit the hardest by the harsh onslaught of northern winds but are often overlooked by other relief initiatives. Based primarily in several areas of Kurigram Thana, such as Aftabganj, Dokkhin Vatigram, and Kurigram Sadar, the project successfully distributed blankets to 120 beneficiaries, among which there were about twenty freedom fighters, ten working children, thirty slum residents in the Kurigram city. Sixty blankets were distributed in char areas in two different unions. Besides blankets, the project distributed sixty-nine pieces of warm clothes and 350 pieces of old clothes among the slum residents of Kurigram city.

Although an entirely volunteer run initiative, the projects received financial and logistical support from organizations, institutions and donors like One Degree Initiative (1dI), Mastermind School, and Poverty Fighters’ Foundation (PFF). Local organizations that provided assistance include Kurigram Municipality, Kurigram Press Club, and Kurigram Bandhushava.

During its second run in 2012, Shelter in Warmth succeeded in distributing 177 blankets. To date, Shelter in Warmth has distributed more than 1000 pieces of warm clothes and old clothing altogether.

To know more about the project, refer to the following documents: 1, 2 (linked PDF)

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