Savar Tragedy Project

On the 24th of April, an eight-storey building (Rana Plaza) collapsed in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The building housed three garments units, a bank branch and around three hundred shops leaving around 6000 people in the building entrapped in the rubble. Thousands of casualties were either injured, dead or about to die from the accident and the challenges to the rescue and aid missions soared to epic proportions.

In the wake of the collapse, SHEPRO decided to move in with as much support it could gather for the rescue efforts. Coordinating proper help was a huge logistic challenge but our responders dealt with every hurdle with efficacy and resolve. Our team of doctors provided first aid to rescue workers at ground zero and services at the emergency room of Enam Medical. We routinely supplied medical supplies and water at ground zero to the rescue workers during every visit. And we also delivered and handled important rescue equipment (oxygen tanks, metal cutters, torches and batteries) at the control room from where the whole operation was being coordinated.

Presently besides having gathered funds for long-term support for the sufferers of the tragedy, SHEPRO plans to archive stories of the Rana Plaza Tragedy from the perspectives of people who had witnessed the phenomenon first hand. We would be collecting testimonials and narratives of rescuers, aid workers, victims and their families and the decision makers, and publishing them on the internet.


Savar Tragedy Through My Eyes

Can’t BuyYou Medicine Anymore

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The Savar Tragedy Project


Like hundreds of other bodies, we could not tell the debris from the people. This woman would not even have been noticed had not the odor of her corpse caught our attention.


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