Brahmanbaria Tornado Aid Project (2013)

The Brahmanbaria Tornado Aid Project (BTAP) was a voluntary, non-profit initiative to come to the aid of ailing victims of the tornado in Brahmanbaria on March 2013.

On March 22, a deadly tornado that took place in the Brahmanbaria District of Bangladesh. The tornado struck 20 villages with along an 8 kilometres (5.0 mi), traveling at a speed of 70 kilometres per hour (43 mph) killing 31 people and injured approximately 500. The worst damage damage occurred in the Bijoynagar and Akhaura,Brahmanbaria Sadar Upazilas of this district. Thousands of trees and utility poles were toppled and thousands of peoples were left homeless. 

1. Journeys for Climate Justice


Project Leaders:
1. Tanzim Taher
2. Patrick Kirkby
3. Risalat Ahmed

Forms of Aid:
1. Distribution of relief to victims in affected areas.
2. Rehabilitation of victims:
i. Construction of latrine superstructures (walls with tin sheets)
ii. Repair of latrine substructures (concrete rings for slab)
iii. Construction of tubewells

Areas of Focus:
The distribution of relief took place in affected zones of Chanpur, Bhatpara, Chinair, Jarultala, Dubla, Chandi and Ahmodabad.

Project Funding:
Besides individual donations, some of the key sponsors to this project were:
1. Journeys for Climate Justice
2. Canadian Trillinium School

Project Status
i. Emergency response and relief phase: complete
ii. Repair and rehabilitation phase: complete



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